About Us

Our organization was founded in 1993 with the aim to help North American expatriates adapt to their new environment and to provide social and cultural opportunities during their tenure in Moscow.

A group of American women who at the time belonged to another international club, felt the need to have a native club of their own. They started meeting in each other’s homes taking turns hosting meetings until 2006, when they moved to a more permanent location as they had out grown the homes due to the increase in membership numbers.

At present we have 17 different interest groups covering a broad range of activities such as Photography, Charity, Children, Cooking, History and Culture, Literature, Museums, Bible Studies, Travel, Movies, Russian Textile Doll Making and Sports.

The purpose of the organization is to provide social, educational and cultural programs for women living in Moscow. Our membership is open to expatriate women of Canada, the United States, and Mexico – or those married to citizens of these countries.  We also have Associate members who are of other nationalities and are accepted on a first come basis as we only have the capacity to accept a small percentage.

The AWO Moscow is a non profit social club which is run by a board consisting of members who have volunteered their time to assist with the operations of the club. Presented below is our 2019 – 2020 AWO Board.

2019 – 2020 American Women’s Organization Executive Board

President – Michele Kuhlen
Vice President
– Danielle Kuznetsov
– Salma Nurmohamed
  – Meg Aw
  – (Vacant)

2019 – 2020 American Women’s Organization Committee Chairs

Membership Chair – Eugenie Tsesarenko
Membership Co-Chair – Alla Anastos 
Charity Liaison – Danielle Kuznetsov
Communications –  Beth Osowski
Newsletter – Irem Sunar-Ozat
Special Events – Kelley Jackson
Social Media & Website – Cindy Knight
Interest Groups – (Vacant)
Fundraising – (Vacant)