Welcome to The American Women’s Organization Of Moscow

Welcome to the website of The American Women’s Organization of Moscow (AWO). I am happy that you found us! Our organization is here to help women who have recently relocated to this amazing city of Moscow and are in need of a friendly, fun and supportive environment. The transition of moving to a new country is never easy and our organization understands, as we have all been through this journey at some point whether alone or with families.

The AWO is a place to connect with other women of similar needs and interests, through social, educational and cultural programs provided by the organization. We are a group of mostly North American women along with a few other nationalities living in Russia and providing a support system for each other.

We offer a place of togetherness, with monthly coffee morning meetings and 17 different interest groups catering to different needs and desires of our ladies. We also have a few evening activities for our members who work and events where families and friends of members can also participate.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us. We ask that you allow us a day or two to respond as this email is not monitored daily.

We look forward to meeting you!
Michele Kuhlen,
AWO Moscow President

Spaso House Coffee Morning, 2018