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Welcome to the website of The American Women’s Organization of Moscow (AWO). We are happy that you found us! Our organization is here to help women who have recently relocated to this amazing city of Moscow and are in need of a friendly, fun, and supportive environment. The transition of moving to a new country is never easy and our organization understands, as we have all been through this journey at some point whether alone or with families.

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About Us

Our organization was founded in 1993 with the aim to help North American expatriates adapt to their new environment and to provide social and cultural opportunities during their tenure in Moscow.

A group of American women who at the time belonged to another international club felt the need to have a native club of their own. They started meeting in each other’s homes taking turns hosting meetings until 2006 when they moved to a more permanent location as they had outgrown the homes due to the increase in membership numbers.

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AWO organizes a wide variety of social and philanthropic activities for its members. This is a great way to make new friends while pursuing a common activity or interest, thus enriching a member’s experience in Moscow.

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